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A clock oscillator module requires no more than power connections with a bypass capacitor to produce a square wave output at approximately 50% duty cycle (for example, 45-55% guaranteed). You just need to pick one that is suitable for your desired frequency, supply voltage, output type and accuracy/stability. There may be an enable input that needs to be ...


I assume you mean 33 Ω It's a 'reasonable' value, that gives reasonable results even if some of our assumptions are not quite right. A typical line impedance for a trace on FR4 that's twice as wide as the substrate is thick, is 50 Ω. Logic boards often end up with line geometries in this ballpark, even if they're not designed to be exactly that. Even if very ...


According to this forum, it has a IR-LED detector and tiny hole.


I also needed a 1 Hz clock and wanted to avoid the usual CD4060 / CD4013 / CD4521, and I just found this AHC divider series from NXP, in particular the 74AHC1G4215 that does just that, has a small package and is available for 50ct in qty. 1 from Digikey for example. I think these are quite recent and weren't available when you posted your original question. ...

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