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You'll want to take a look at chapter 32 of the MK20DX256 reference manual: The comparator (CMP) module provides a circuit for comparing two analog input voltages. The comparator circuit is designed to operate across the full range of the supply voltage, known as rail-to-rail operation. The Analog MUX (ANMUX) provides a circuit for selecting an analog input ...


One of the negative inputs to one of the LM339 is possibly shorted to the positive power supply. I am assuming it worked then just failed. There is a possibility that line is shorted to +. The other possibility I see is R5 is shorted to +.


In an ideal world, your circuit would indeed not put out any differential voltage between points X and Y because it is fully symmetrical. There are no random offsets in SPICE, it does exactly what you tell it to do. However, SPICE isn't perfect - it uses floating-point numbers and therefore necessarily has rounding errors. These rounding errors get amplified ...


Your model is incorrect. The offset voltage source, as you've modeled, is an actual input you're providing. In reality, offsets result from the parameter spread and non-ideal behavior of the transistors making up the device. So, "fixing" the offset that is created by the inherent properties of the real devices used, requires to have a model where ...

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