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MOSFET with *actual pin* for body

The big picture here is that the picture itself is old. The schematic you show was how it may have had to be done in the early 1980s. Today you can get op-amps and integrated switches that will ...
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Identify SMD component on USB hub

It's a Sinopower SM2413PSAN P-Channel MOSFET. I can't find a picture of the SM2413PSAN, but if we look at other MOSFETs from Sinopower, like the APM2300CAC-TRG, we can see that the marking style ...
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Identify SMD component on USB hub

EDIT: Based on additional Info my answer is most likely wrong, since according to Chipyto pin 2 is at 5 V, which would not make sense with this part. I'd say it is one of these two: Both are marked ...
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What is this part from an LCD monitor power supply?

As commented by Tim Williams, the component designator "SA" is commonly used for "Sparkgap Arrestor".
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Need help identifying this 6-pin surface-mount component marked L1t or L1-

These components are BAT754L from Nexperia. Picture from LCSC :
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Help identifying a component from a barcode scanner

It could be this IC: Transistor: P-MOSFET; unipolar; -20V; -4A; 1.3W; TSOP6 Manufacturer part number: AO6409A TME Symbol: AO6409A Reference:
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Antique Component Identification

Thank you for catching my misprint! It has been verified as a selenium rectifier. Thanks to all!
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Help identifying a component from a barcode scanner

It's a 2 phase half wave motor pre driver for fan motors. Dataheetcatalog. Com leave off the o its BA6409F
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Antique Component Identification

It looks like a copper oxide rectifier. Image credit:
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SOT-23 3.3V voltage regulator identification

It's a QX Micro Devices (Shenzhen) QX2304L33T. Datasheet here The trailing 'A' is the batch number. From their website (no English datasheet): Ø Maximum efficiency: 95% Ø Maximum working frequency: ...
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Unknown component identification (SMD Marking L43)

From the code (and silkscreen) looks like a BAT54C, common cathode, dual diode. Several possible manufacturers, but here's a link to the Vishay datasheet. The date and lotcodes also fit with specific ...
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