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Question on Turn-off Snubber Operation

The idea behind this snubber is to reduce the power dissipated in the transistor during the turn-off event, when the transistor opens. When the switch turns off, the current is not instantly cut as it ...
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Question on Turn-off Snubber Operation

I don’t think this improves the power losses since all energy in cap is burned on resistor (parallel to D1) at the beginning of Ton. But what this circuit improves is an EMI since the voltage ...
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Boost converter's voltage stress

The converter you drew is a boost converter, not a buck converter. I don't know why you shorted the inductor in the second phase. In that phase, the inductor is not shorted, and the voltage across the ...
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Design considerations for 3-phase AC-DC converter 60 vs 400 Hz

TRU (= Transformer rectifier unit) with a E-core and two bridges. Don´t forget Interphase transformer. 3500 VA has a weight of only 6 kg.
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