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Recommendation for sine wave of 100kHz with 1ppm stable amplitude

Setting aside the fact that your specifications are not very complete, here's how I would go about quickly getting something stable enough to start experimenting with. There's a little-known circuit ...
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Speaker for crystal radio rather than sensitive piezoelectric speaker Crystal radio

As a kid in the late 1960s powered a 12inch speaker from a crystal radio comprising of bogroll coil, variable condenser and an OA85 diode into a valve output speaker transformer. One night awoke in ...
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Silicon wafer crystal orientation

You are mixing things up. Read up on Miller index notation. The [110] direction (note the brackets) is always pointing towards the front right (midway between the X and Y axes). This is why the (110) ...
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Silicon wafer crystal orientation

My understanding is that, after the wafer is processed, there is no way to visually identify the crystal orientation from the appearance. By grinding a segment of the wafer's circular arc into a ...
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Calculating Rs Value for 32kHz Pierce-Gate Crystal Oscillator Circuit

I found myself in a similar situation of wanting a mathematical model to calculate \$R_s\$ for a given crystal. In a worked example, the article, Pierce-Gate Crystal Oscillator, an introduction uses ...
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