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This is called a Pierce oscillator. The inverter and resistor of the pierce oscillator are built into the microprocessor. (See Wikipedia article Think of a crystal as lump circuit equivalent to having inductance, capacitance and resistance. The capacitor value are set so the oscillator can resonant at it's ...


I believe that's a TXC 8Z series 48MHz crystal, not a Kyocera. Photo from I don't see detailed info on the bottom line markings- it certainly includes a date code. The tolerance, stability, and load capacitance may or may not be encoded.


Someone else can surely write up a better and more detailed answer than this, but: A quartz crystal is, basically, a little tuning fork that vibrates at a specific frequency, called the fundamental. Anything that can vibrate naturally at one frequency can also vibrate at a multiple of that frequency, called a harmonic or an overtone of the fundamental ...

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