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How can i make this idea work in PCB?

The voltage divider should be in parallel with your voltage source, i.e. "across" it. The current sensor should be in series with the source and load.
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How can I figure out the root cause of High Current consumption of the device?

Seems like whatever code you added is stressing one or both MCUs significantly more than the example code or is interacting with external components in a fundamentally different way (pin config). The ...
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Why is there a high minimum current required for a clamp meter to measure frequency in addition to current?

You need sufficient current to generate a large enough magnetic field around the conductor to induce a voltage into the AC clamp sensor.
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Distribute power from one battery to multiple devices

All these components on that system, works in certain amount (range) of voltage, right? Right. how can I create a system - above the main system - to distribute power correctly Do not power the ...
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How do I create a circuit to reliably calculate a range of unknown resistances?

You can do this, I've been able to calculate resistances down to the tens of milliohms. This circuit is also useful for calibration and delivering a known amount of power. The problem you have is you ...
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How do I create a circuit to reliably calculate a range of unknown resistances?

There is a lot of circuitry in your solution with plenty of areas where errors can be introduced. A Wheatstone bridge is probably more suitable (and simpler) for what you are trying to do. It relies ...
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How to sample current in high-kHz to low-MHz

Solutions vary widely with application, so there's very little concrete that we can suggest, given that you've said nothing about [your application]. That said, I will take this as license to propose ...
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How to sample current in high-kHz to low-MHz

There are several important parameters you don't specify, but generally, this looks like exactly the sort of thing that wide-bandwidth current transformers are made for. Pearson (no affiliation) is, ...
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Why are the 10A inputs on many multimeters unfused?

I'll provide a reason why it may not be such a bad thing after all to have an unfused input. I have blown a multimeter fuse on the 10A input several times. At first, I didn't understand what happened ...
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Brown outs with Nordic Instruments PPK2 power profiler

There are several possibilities, since I'm not sure of your setup: The PPK2 may have a higher ESR. The sense resistor may be limiting the available current (particularly if you're pulling more than 1 ...
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