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Is a capacitor a memoryless system?

then the current only depends on the derivative of voltage at that particular instant of time only, You are just trying to shift the memory to the voltage input, rather than the capacitor state. The ...
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Transistor switching speed

I won't go further than a very simplified (1st order) model of what's going on to help develop a meaning for \$f_t\$. There are higher order models. But to a first order the following approximation ...
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Can a voltage higher than LED maximum be used when using constant-current LED driver?

The sink driver requires 0.8V to get guaranteed output current, so for 2.9V maximum Vf LEDs you should have 3.7V supply voltage minimum. It won't hurt the LEDs but you might not get full current or it ...
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How to know what size diode to use for inductive spiking?

You really should look into Transorbs for this, acronym TSB. Although they have a power ratings, they are designed for short duration surge events. Incidentally they are available in both unipolar ...
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Current varies with constant firing time in an SCR

There are many things that affect the charging current of a battery, and the applied voltage is only one of them. The resistance of the battery itself depends on things like its state of charge, its ...
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Maximum LEDs on a pin of an AVR Microcontroller

You are correct in that the microcontroller's pin I/O current spec limits how many LEDs you can drive. In general, you should not exceed the datasheet limits given for I(oh) and I(ol) for a single pin,...
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