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You are on the right track, in thought process at least, not procedure. Know that fundamentally, there is no such thing as a DC motor. All motors operate based on changing (alternating/rotating) magnetic fields which are produced by changing (alternating) currents. They are all "AC" so to speak at the lowest level. What goes into the coils is ...


I'm guessing from the details you give that this was a 3-wire fan? the basic details others have not expressly given, but rather hinted at, are that PC fans don't run on just voltage. you cannot just put 9 volts on a 12 volt PC fan coil to run it or slow it down. it needs 12 volts, and data from a sensor showing it's speed and position to itself so it to ...


Try again with a working fan and then follow the instructions. The internal fan electronics commutates the DC with the Hall Effect magnetic rotor sensor. Instead of guessing use, Red=+, Blk=- , yellow= tach out or don’t care

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