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I'm trying to create a clock. Rate my first schematic design

The digit power circuit will not work as drawn. You need to flip the transistors around and reduce the base resistor values by a factor of ~20. Edit: since you're multiplexing, the power and thermal ...
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Parallel resistors with polarised capacitor

If I am right, is there anything specific I need to take care of before using the filter in my SMPS? You are correct in that they are used to balance the voltage on the capacitors. This is important ...
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Getting temperature dependence for a beta multiplier circuit

I'm going to ignore the \$V_{_\text{THN}}\$ term and focus on the remaining term, which is a product of two functions. If you have the product of two functions, call them \$P\$ and \$Q\$, so that \$F=...
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Parallel resistors with polarised capacitor

They are there to bleed of the high voltage on the capacitors when the circuit is shut down as a safety precaution.
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Design of a 50 Hz step-up mini transformer

I am encountering a challenge with the size of the transformer Your circuit topology is probably wrong... The trick here is to generate a high-voltage DC power rail. To do this you can get-away with ...
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Design of a 50 Hz step-up mini transformer

A quick look at the RS catalogue's chassis mount transformer selection gives the following information for 500 VA transformers. P/N 504-228 (E/I type) specification: Rating: 500 VA. Dimensions: 120 × ...
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