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Ground connections around bridge rectifier in flyback converter

Will this create a short circuit that links NEUTRAL and LINE? It looks like it shorts one of the diodes in the diode bridge. Correct; it is really terrible advice. Even if we did not short the diode ...
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Buck-boost controller: Arduino Nano vs STM32

I've done this project a couple year ago using arduino nano. just because at that time I don't familiar with STM. If I be able to do both I would say it doesn't matter, you can choose whatever your ...
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Flyback transformer (BSC25 T1010A) pinout

Flyback are usually replacement parts for tv/monitors, so rarely would you get a datasheet. From what is shown, my guess is B+115V is the voltage source and h.out (col) goes to the horizontal output ...
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Snubber diodes on relay H-bridge

I made an illustration of the current path with the 4 flyback diodes array. I hope it makes it easier to understand. :) The motor can turn in 2 directions, and for each, there are 2 relays that can be ...
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How to source transformer component for bug zapper circuit

That's a custom transformer made for that specific product to work with that specific circuit. Those are not "off the shelf" components and are made in large quantities (>100,000) for ...
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Electromechanical relay snubber

The relay coil is nominally 800Ω so the 1Ω resistor is doing virtually nothing. You should have a diode or a diode + zener diode or diode + resistor across the coil, otherwise when the phototransistor ...
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Electromechanical relay snubber

The relay coil requires 30 mA at 24 V, and the opto can handle 50 mA continuously, so the numbers look fine. You'll just need the usual "freewheel" diode across the relay coil to limit the ...
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