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OFDM IDFT implementation

Consider the idft (ifft) sequence. If you only transmit that sequence only once, not periodic, then it becomes obvious that this aperiodic 'time domain' sequence cannot possibly be OFDM. That's ...
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FFT basic concepts

1 & 2) The data collection must be of an integer number of periods for best results. Otherwise the content output of FFT will include high frequency components that are not present in the original ...
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FFT basic concepts

When you calculate an FFT (or more strictly speaking a DFT, FFT is just a fast algorithm for calculating it), the algorithm treats the signal as if it was repeated indefinitely, aka a periodic or ...
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Discrete Fourier transform for musical analysis

(1) Respect I really respect your self-learning mindset! (2) Literatur FFT/DFT is well understood, used in many different applications and therefore well documented in form of literature. You ...
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