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I know that give the impression that one either needs an EEPROM for sync FIFO or can configurate it via software. But states that both are actually required and that the right setting has to be set e.g. ...


Yes, it will work, just like two serial ports connected in a null modem would. But no, it's not a very good solution considering other solutions. These other solutions are more general computing than anything. It's easier to just purchase a solution that's proven. Use a switch. The devices already have ethernet. If they are one the same network, you are ...


Ten-fifteen years ago there used to be USB-to-USB connect "cables", Type-A on both ends, and some "bridge" in between. Not sure what USB class was employed, but file transfer was available.


SLIP and PPP were designed for this very purpose: IP connections over serial links. Just get the two adapters and connect them with a ‘null modem’ (crossover) cable, set up pppd or slipd. Done.

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