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AT+CIPGSMLOC is using google servers to identify nearest GSM tower. That was discontinued few months ago. You can use triangulation using SIMCOM servers by upgrading to latest firmware 1418B05SIM800L24 and using AT+CLBS=1,1


The MQTT protocol sits on top of a long-lived TCP/IP connection. There is next to no chance that a cellular modem would maintain a TCP/IP connection while in sleep mode. So you won't wake up from a subscription firing. It's not impossible that once you wake up for some other reason and reconnect, depending on the configuration of the MQTT broker, that you ...


This is probably not the answer you are looking for, but those 2 boards are not the same. There are many different versions of the SIM800c breakout boards, and that means you cannot say for sure whether pinouts are the same with these 2. This bit of the answer you may enjoy less, although it is good news in that you can figure it out for yourself! You can ...

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