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Adding as answer, because can't comment. To answer briefly, yes you can. Please refer to Anindo Ghosh's Answer on how to do so. Please Note however that for the Arduino Nano, pins A6 and A7 are analog only and cannot be used in the digital mode.

0 "Processor in the loop" means the control system is running through a processor which simulates the plant. "Hardware in the loop" means the control system is actually controlling real plant hardware.


Looking at the ICL3232 datasheet we see:- Maximum Data Rate RL = 3kΩ, CL = 1000pF, min 250 typ 500 kbps and in the SN75C3232 datasheet:- Maximum data rate RL = 3 kΩ CL = 1000 pF min 250 kbit/s So it seems there isn't much difference between them. The SN75C3232 also specifies a minimum of 1000 Kbps with a supply voltage of 4.5 to 5.5 V, so if you ...


You can do it with an I-type instruction. the $rs register and the immediate value for push have not been specified; so we are free to choose these as needed. Extend the RegDst multiplexer so that it has three inputs: 0, 1 and 2.Inputs 0 and 1 remain as shown, but input 2 is the name of the $rs register (I[25–21]), which will be $sp for this instruction. ...

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