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Trying to heat up 32-gauge nicrome wire

You can try increasing the voltage (multiple cells in series), doubling the wire back so you have 1/2 the length with two parallel strands, or getting a thicker wire such as AWG30. Doubling the wire ...
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Why didn't 10GBASE-T Ethernet replace 1000BASE-T?

I'm guessing because it does not have a broad use (yet). 10GBASE-T might be useful for server rooms or other high-performance applications, but for those there are other, even better alternatives (...
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Changing wattage of a heat pad

As a 3D printer owner, I think I think you misunderstoodd some points. Power is not the same as temperature. Power is related to the rate of change of temperature. Power still relates to the ...
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Is there a general rule to calculate heat dissipation of electronic equipment?

Nowadays with AI you should be able to get most heat dissipation values. I myself am currently trying to find BTU/h for some equipments for a energy usage study I'm conducting in a ISP I work for. ...
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