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How to find the power factor of a component when the combined power factor and one other power factor is known?

As you correctly surmised, you can't add the magnitudes of complex power as ChatGPT says because they're vectors, but you can add them as vectors. Please forgive my drawing skills. Edit: the ...
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Breadboard circuit with PN2222 transistor, LED constantly on

4-pin push buttons often have the buttons connected internally in pairs. simulate this circuit – Schematic created using CircuitLab If you get the switch rotated by 90 degrees from what it ...
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How to calculate transformer iron core losses?

This is more a math question than an electrical question. \$P_{Loss} = P_{Fe} + (load)^2 P_{Cu}\$ At full-load, you have unity power factor. \$P_{out} = S_{out} pf = 2,500kVA * 1 = 2,500kW\$ \$P_{in} =...
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Electromagnetics - Calculating electric field vector given an equipotential surface

Small hint: What other properties do you know about equipotential surfaces? Bigger hint: Solution:
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