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Spinning single phase induction motor while having no power

An induction motor relies on the magnetic field caused by current in the field coils to induce current in the rotor to magnetize the rotor. If the field coils are open circuit the rotor can not be ...
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Do eddy currents in a rotor core of an induction motor create torque proportional to the coil current of a squirrel cage?

Do eddy currents generate a proportional torque? The direction of eddy currents are largely perpendicular to the direction of current in the rotor and, because the rotor current modifies the main ...
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Why DC supply voltage is increasing when inverter is connected to powerful three phase induction motor?

Motors are really big inductors (like several Henrys). So if you are driving the motor with an AC source (i.e. your inverter) the current will be way out of phase with the voltage. When it is running, ...
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