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Reference for pinout out of Segger EDU target board?

Segger specifies the 9-Pin Cortex-M Adapter Pinout as follows: Source: Segger 9-Pin Cortex-M Adapter This is also compliant to the ARM specification: Source: Cortex-M Debug Connectors The debugger ...
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Why was IEEE 1532 withdrawn?

TL;DR: It looked like a good idea that nobody bothered using anyway. Perhaps a misunderstanding of the process of standardization is the source of your confusion: IEEE isn't some legislative body that ...
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Lattice FPGA - JTAG Programming 6Pin VS 10Pin

My question is what is the difference between using the 6pin or 10pin setup? The additional pins for 10pin are 5V, DONE, TRST, ispEN/PROG/SN. The latter are so called SDM_PORT. They can be used for ...
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