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Resolving this circuit diagram

why wouldn't V1 have any impact on the voltage at V3 in this diagram? Imagine that V2 was chosen so that it produced 0 volts. I mean, it can have any value you want i.e. all are valid but, imagine it ...
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Resolving this circuit diagram

V2 is an ideal voltage source. By definition, V2 is is fixed at "V2" independent of all other circuit elements. V3 = V2 because V2 IS the same node as V3. By definition, all nodes have the ...
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Resolving this circuit diagram

Because node 3 (V3) is defined by voltage source V2. If there would be a resistor in series with V2 connecting to the right terminal of R1, then there would be a contribution of V1 as well.
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How does Kirchhoff's current law take resistance into consideration?

In the picture the originating wire has 240V voltage, 1ohm resistance, so 240A current. Wires have resistance, they do not have voltage or current, they carry current and drop voltage dependent on ...
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How does Kirchhoff's current law take resistance into consideration?

Draw it in a more practical circuit, where the circuit is complete and it will make more sense. The block diagram does not describe a practical circuit. It does not make sense that the block would ...
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How to formulate an equation for the electrical circuit with both a voltage and a current source?

Well, the circuit we want to analyze is given by: simulate this circuit – Schematic created using CircuitLab When we use and apply KCL, we can write the following set of equations: $$ \text{I}...
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How to calculate current limiter resistor when voltage regulator is involved?

You say you want high efficiency, and 5V output at 1A, with 2S lithium pack. These are not going to happen with a linear regulator like HT7850 LDO. The lithium pack will be at 8.4V when fully charged, ...
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