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Find v(s) in the circuit below(voltage through the capacitor)

Well, let's analyze this circuit a bit further. We can use KCL in order to write: $$\text{I}_\text{source}\left(t\right)=\text{I}_\text{R}\left(t\right)+\text{I}_\text{L & C}\left(t\right)\tag1$$ ...
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Solving complex opamp circuits

I've grabbed up the part you seem to be asking about and labeled an additional node. I'll be using SageMath/SymPy for the symbolic KCL analysis. It flows about like this: ...
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Solving complex opamp circuits

It's called an MFB band-pass filter and is well-known in the industry. Here are a few references that get you started on what it's all about. Ref 1 from ESP Ref 2 from MT-218 Ref 3 from eCircuit I'm ...
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Transfer function of differential controller

The dc gain for this circuit is zero. So the transfer function is ac only. The reference voltage, \$\phi\$ is ac 0V. So proceed from there. You can include \$\phi\$ in the analysis. It will cancel out ...
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