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Your problem is you are using "single rank" LED's , these have brightness that can vary +/- 50% from part to part, it's even worse at lower drive currents. You need to select a part that has "intensity binning" and either order a specicic intensity bin, or get a part where each reel is all of the same bin. If you are making white ...


for high speed links like LVDS its a good messure to terminate unused pairs at both ends to minimize looses due crosstalk. Appart from that only using 1...M pairs of a N pair cable is fine.


It's already interfaced electrically if you connect the module to the I2C port. So seems like you want some kind of software, in which case you can either read the HD44780 and PCF8574 datasheets and write your own, or use a search engine to see if someone has done it already. If you're using some oddball language or whatever, you can try porting some source ...

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