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Using a 6 V DC motor for a 3.3 V LED

Sorry, I'm not going to watch a video for you, but there are a few general points: There is a relationship between rotational speed and the voltage when the running as a motor. Motor speed rises with ...
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How to bright up LED when it's dark without wasting battery energy?

You're right. That circuit does waste energy. The reason is you want your light sensor (CdS resistor?) to shunt current to your amplifying element (the transistor) NOT the load (the LED) as in your ...
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transistor base connected to GND

Bipolar transistors work in reverse, at a rather low current gain, but work they do. Your circuit, basically, works, no matter which way the transistor is inserted, i.e. whether emitter is facing the ...
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Need help connecting 10 LED USB powered lights to one power source

No, you can't connect a 12V supply into devices that are rated for only 5V.
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ATmega32A pins output issues

By default, on these pins on PORTC the JTAG interface is enabled. So, to get access to PORTC you need to disable the JTAG interface by setting the Fuse High Byte to 0xD9. How can I disable the jtag in ...
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