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Both are bad, with the right potentially being worse, and harder to implement. You need a current regulation per string, not for three strings. These are diodes: if one of them is conducting a little better (e.g. due to normal production variations, ie. there will be one that conducts a little better), then that diode will carry more current than its "...


Because your LED has an unusually high forward voltage. It is a blue or white LED, while a "normal" LED is red or green. A red or green LED has a forward voltage of roughly 2 volts and a standard forward current of about 10 mA. Another reason is that you simply don't want to run the LED at the maximum brightness. Maybe it's annoyingly bright, and you will ...


It looks like the LEDs are powered from the computers - the +5 V terminals on the computer USB ports supply power to whatever device you plug in, so the LEDs will have power regardless of the switch position. You would need another pole (or two) on the switch to control the LEDs.

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