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Gauging the level of battery charge is not trivial at all. Accurate gas gauges, for example from Texas Instruments, use a built-in powerful MCU to calculate the charge level based on particular (selectable) chemistry model, accurate charge-in and charge-out measurements, and also track impedance of cell to track battery aging and get more accurate results. ...


First you need to learn all about Li+ battery models. There are methods since all batteries have many C=QV and ESR values in parallel but you can simplify to a 2nd order approximation. R1C1//R2C2 . The different time constants are what changes battery capacity depending on C rate. However this IC being limited to 2.5A or about 1C max and batteries are ...


You need to initialize them somehow, and you're expected to know the capacity of the pack (and, if you want to be really nice to your users, you should update the capacity as the battery ages). At least in the past I've used products that came with notifications that the gas gauge is only good if you've run the battery down and charged it up again. This is ...

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