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How do I find out how to realize this logic circuit? (digital logic design course)

If you look at the two converters you drew above, what's the difference between them? There's only one connection different between the two...what would be a good way to select one of two possible ...
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Logic probe circuit; what is the use of some of his components?

This schematic is from Practical Electronics, March 1983. Note that R2 should be 1k, 2.2k does not work. And the caps are 1uF in the PE schematic. The diode / capacitor combo is intended to keep the ...
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How to approach the highlighted part of the question?

The following is my solution (I simplified using both the rules of Boolean algebra and the Karnaugh map; resulting combinatorial network):
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Is this the correct way to create a circuit that convert a 7-bit number to either binary or gray code? (digital logic design)

Try to create separate 7-bit Gray to binary and binary to Gray converters first (or start with 4-bit convertors to make it simple). Look at the similarities between the two, and it should be obvious ...
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