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Selectively Activated External Circuit for ADC Measurement

This would pull MCU pin to, say +12V, and even though this pin would be configured to high-Z before disabling current source through MCU output pin. The input protection diodes will shunt the input ...
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Vcc for MSP430FR6047 with a battery- Ultra-Low-Power system

As an alternative solution, you could consider a different battery chemistry, for example Li-MnO2. This is the chemistry that's used in the popular (and cheap) CR-type button cells, such as the CR2032....
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Vcc for MSP430FR6047 with a battery- Ultra-Low-Power system

Connecting the battery directly should be OK from a voltage perspective. Just take into account note(4) from the table you included in your post about According to SAFT Datasheet for LS 14250 the ...
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Substituting for 1N34A diode to change range of microwave detector

The folks who built this energy harvester mention using MACOM MA4E2054A Schottky diodes to rectify 24GHz RF to power small devices. You could use them in your microwave detector in place of the 1N34A ...
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Can I use electromagnet to hold a cabinet door shut while driving (in my campervan)?

I was wondering if I could use an electric magnet that engages when I turn my ignition, to hold the door shut exactly while I'm driving. Yes, you could use an electromagnet to hold the door shut ...
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