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CH32V003 MCU max USART baud rate

The English version of the reference manual can be found on their website. On page 135, it says the maximum is 3Mbps. The formula to compute the USART clock divisor is on page 136. The given example ...
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CH32V003 MCU max USART baud rate

It looks like generic STM32 lookalike. The main thing is, it depends how much error you tolerate and how are you going to clock it (frequency and type of clock source). The MCU has 48 MHz max system ...
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MII to SGMII to connect ETH Switch is it possible?

MAC stands for Media Access Control and it is the controller that allows a device to interact with a physical layer ethernet device (PHY) STM32F4 datasheet You need to match the MII to something that ...
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Stop Mode 2 (deep sleep) doesn't work with STM32l053R8T6 MCU

It's probably that you did not enable debugging in low power modes. In STM32IDE, it's a simple setting (put enable in Configurations->Debugger->Device Settings->Debug in low power modes For ...
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