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Is there a simple approximation for B-field strength of a loop antenna when driven at 10 GHz?

loop is made from a 10GHz microwave SMA cable, with one end cut off and tied in a loop, and is about a cm. That's not a small loop antenna – a small loop antenna has a circumference that is ...
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Numbers in Generating Phase Coherent Electronic Systems

Why the situation is ideal for generating phase coherent systems? Imagine this situation: You want to mix two frequencies \$f_1< f_2\$ in order translate the band of interest onto an IF, \$f_{IF} =...
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Numbers in Generating Phase Coherent Electronic Systems

If you generate two high-frequency signals by multiplying a low-frequency oscillator by two integer factors that differ by 1, their "beat" frequency will be exactly the same as the frequency ...
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How to solder the central pin of the TGA 2214-CP microwave amplifier

Page 11 tells you to solder the module manually. Do not use a reflow oven or hot air. The drawing of the evaluation board shows that the solder pads are a bit longer than the pins. That makes it ...
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