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Phase modulation for binary data - higher frequency harmonics?

Is there perhaps some mitigating factor to this that I'm not seeing? It's the same with normal modulation like AM or FM; you don't need to take it to a level that is more complicated to see that a ...
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Phase modulation for binary data - higher frequency harmonics?

You are correct. The jumps in QPSK do generate high frequency spurious signals, as do the changes of slope that you've shown in BPSK. The solution is that the signal from a modulator like that is ...
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Difference between MC1496 / LM1496 balanced modulator

The LM1496 from National Semi (I think it was available at least by 1976, possibly earlier) was listed in the National databooks as a direct replacement for the MC1496 (which came out in 1972, I think....
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Bit sharing in IQ channel

They can be split in any way you want, and don't even need to use 2 bits for one axis and 1 bit for the other, but it is possible. As an example, you can have a sine wave with constant amplitude but 8 ...
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QAM Modulation - destructive addition?

Yes if you happen to have a circuit which combines 2 different modulated data signals by adding them together. The result can sometimes be 0 volts longer than only just at the zero crossing and that ...
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