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Follow the National Electrical Codes - use NMC or IMC rated for burial with a live, neutral, and ground and wire it accordingly. Bury the NMC cable at least 18" and th IMC at least 6"and put protection above it before closing the trench - a treated lumber 1x4 works well. Codes exist to insure the safe use of electricity and should not be ignored for the ...


In a single phase system neutral and line wires provide a potential difference over the load that is to be powered. Neutral is commonly earthed, connected to the earth, at some point in your house. Because of this the neutral wire is at the same potential as the ground we are connected to making it typically less dangerous. The connection between neutral ...


It depends of the connection. You could use each of three phase separately with neutral wire, or use "balanced three phase system".


UPS is an independant power source where you cannot gorund a current carrying conductor externally (to form neutral) in most cases (unless there is an output transformer). There is a question about why you want to have a neutral conductor. In the context of a UPS system (in contrast to a grid), it would be to achive a reference and safe live voltage (other ...

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