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How to determine rise and fall times of MOSFET

Proposed are mostly unrelated parameters. The MCU in particular bears no relation at all; any interference it is subject to, is the fault of poor layout, filtering and interconnection. Note that, if ...
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Driving NMOS source with a separate power supply

Seems you are driving the source of the NMOS with two different supplies and I don't think it's recommended to use this way. What you did is basically "translation" or "elevation":...
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Will my gate driver work for this situation?

Q2 is upside down and you're missing the rectification diode for your boost converter. Apart from that, it should work, but not at high frequencies. (10kHz is probably fine.) To extend the operating ...
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is Vov of a nMos always VGS - Vt?

The \$V_{OV}\$ given here is a definition, not a measurement. \$V_{OV}\$ is always equal to \$V_{GS}-V_t\$ by definition.
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