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Ethernet port as a signal generator

Is it technically possible? No. Highly specialized hardware, relatively specific coupling, and a very limited set of amplitudes actually imposable on the line make that infeasible. Don't get me wrong:...
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Ethernet port as a signal generator

I doubt it: Ethernet is a specialized medium, and line control, framing, etc. are built in to the interface (the MAC). Needless to say, you'd also need the driver-level hardware documentation, and a ...
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Ethernet port as a signal generator

I do NOT claim this answer fully satisfy OP's demands. It is meant as inspiration for what you actually can do. This answer is based on the comment of user 比尔盖子 According to 40.6 of the IEEE 802.3-...
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Why is the frequency and voltage of my Colpitts oscillator lower on breadboard than LTSpice?

I changed some components and I retain ultimately this behavior.
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Recommendation for sine wave of 100kHz with 1ppm stable amplitude

Setting aside the fact that your specifications are not very complete, here's how I would go about quickly getting something stable enough to start experimenting with. There's a little-known circuit ...
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Generating a clear sinusoidal wave through the oscillator to generate the "Ding Dong" sound

A microcontroller could output 2 different frequency pulse trains to a passive RC summing&low-pass filtering circuit (=3 resistors, one capacitor). Both pulse trains could have decaying pulse ...
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The effect of input and output impedance

It is assumed that at least one of the two quadrupoles presented by the applicant is active. The configuration is the well-known Series-Shunt and the study must be done using the H parameters and the ...
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