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Considerations for Output Capacitance in LDO and SMPS Circuits

Is the capacitance at the output of the LDO or SMPS circuit used after the SMPS LDO output also included in the output capacitance of the main SMPS or LDO? The total capacitance seen by the output. ...
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IC 74HC08 can the output drive the input without destroying it?

When your 1Y output drives HIGH, the 74HC08 5 V supply must be dropped across three things in its series circuit: The 74HC08 1Y internal output stage (see its datasheet) The LED (see its datasheet ...
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Load dependent output voltage power supply

To facilitate a more detailed discussion, consider adding a unique reference designator to each component. At 60 Hz, each capacitor has a specific impedance. For a simplistic analysis of the circuit, ...
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