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Looks to me like a Molex 0510050200. People tend to call tiny white 2 pin connectors that end up in hobby electronics 'JST', even though usually they're molex or molex knockoffs. Can't be 100% sure that's the right connector without trying it though. The mating connector code is 0510060200.


Colloquially known as "JST" connectors, although other companies make them, this particular one looks like a JST NH or equivalent 2.5mm pitch part . Often used because it is decent , common, and very cheap


Technically, you don't have to do any PAT testing at all, but of course, your insurer requires it. PAT FAQ I would say that if you are considered a competent person to do the work you just did, you would probably be fine. If the device previously passed PAT testing, and you haven't damaged the plug or wiring in any way I'd be comfortable in saying it was ...

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