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Potentiometer for Kitchen Fan

Cheap speed control modules for fans are typically built around a capacitor that will form an impedance divider, with a purely reactive impedance. So it will reduce the voltage seen by the motor, but ...
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Potentiometer for Kitchen Fan

The silver component is in fact a capacitor, the code you read on top of it probably means 4.7uF rated for 35 volts and the 169 is the date code or some series number, the main thing you need to focus ...
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Trimmer Potentiometer with Unexpected Voltage Range

I'm pretty sure this is your problem: You are exceeding an absolute maximum rating, specifically the max diff voltage on the inputs. If you exceed the limits, performance, operation, and reliability ...
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Trimmer Potentiometer with Unexpected Voltage Range

There is no reason for the behavior you describe, based on the information given. The LMV324 is not R-R input (it is R-R output) so it won't actually function with both inputs outside of that range. ...
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4 Pin Potentiometer Identification

It seems like there should be an equivalent circuit here (think Thevenin's theorem), but I can't immediately figure one out. I suspect you could make an equivalent out of a double-ganged 3-pin pot ...
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