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Is it OK to have two protectors for a single Li-ion battery?

It's OK to have two protector boards, one on the Li-ion battery and the other in the charging/protection module. If necessary, one of the two protectors will turn off. It doesn't matter which because ...
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Supply turn-on voltage spikes - best practices for protection

Yes this is a common problem. When you apply voltage the wire inductance 'winds up' while charging your board capacitance. Then it overshoots. Solution #1 won't work. More C means more time to ...
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2S Li-ion charger+protection with reverse protection

Davide Andrea I had the same exact issue, "Install them permanently in place" is the best option. also could use batteries with connectors that won't connect in reverse. not like 9v battery ...
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Residual current relay continuity

The RCD should not be damaged by triggering at its design leakage trip point, as long as the interrupted current is within the design range. Most devices will have durability limits of 1000s of trips. ...
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Are PTC resettable fuses fast enough to protect from shorts?

USB ports on mobo have own PTC installed usually, so you'll never ever get more than 500mA from USB 2.0 physically. (old thread but anyways)
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Litium Battery Series-Parallel 2S2P Protection

One diode in series with each battery is all you need. The diode and resistor in series do nothing, as the other two diodes prevent current from flowing in that direction, regardless of the ...
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Reverse polarity protection and inrush current limiting - back to back mosfets

These MOSFETS will be all the time ON since you need 0V between Gate and Source (0 Vgs) (not higher than -0.6V according to the datasheet) to turn them OFF. Which means, in this case, that the gate ...
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