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STM32 timer triggers interrupt immediately aftern CR1->CEN first enable

Thank you very much! I got a similar Problem on the STM32F407... The Solution here was to first write the ARR, PSC & CNT-values and then set the UG-Bit in the EGR-Register and immediatly ...
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Current varies with constant firing time in an SCR

There are many things that affect the charging current of a battery, and the applied voltage is only one of them. The resistance of the battery itself depends on things like its state of charge, its ...
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Iterative Simulation LTspice Model using Python

You can call ltspice from the command line: XVIIx64.exe -Run -b examplecircuit.asc So you would need to modify the .asc file and then run it. You can also run netlist files which are easier to ...
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Programmable pulsed current power supply

For currents of 100mA or so, at 1kHz or less, I don't think you need much more to make that Howland-like current source work well, using almost any op-amp: simulate this circuit – Schematic ...
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Programmable pulsed current power supply

Search for 'opamp current booster circuit' or 'opamp current booster schematic' (without quotes) to get dozens of examples, tutorials, and app notes. National Semiconductor (now part of Texas ...
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Programmable pulsed current power supply

Made with microcap v12. If you want a "little" output voltage, something like this could be used ... Output transistors are allowed to ~ 10 W out. And here, the behavior with TIP120/TIP125 ...
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