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I often use the ATtiny13 for little one-off projects that blink LEDs or control timing of external switches (theatrical props). Sometimes I just need them to change an IO pin at a given frequency and literally nothing else. The following is a quick and dirty way to toggle a GPIO using a delay. Note: this is not a timing-accurate nor recommended way to ...


Most microcontrollers have a dizzying array of counter-timer features, and it can certainly be tricky to set them up how you want them. The critical information is in chapter 11. 8-bit Timer/Counter0 with PWM of the ATTiny13 datasheet. The place to start is with table 11.8 where you want a mode which goes from BOTTOM (0) to a number you choose OCRA (modes ...


Under Advanced Hardware Features on Page 54 of the Register Map document it says, "For further details please see the Application Note 'Programming Sequence for DMP Hardware Functions."' In that app note on page 23: as well as a ton of related stuff after it.

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