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How is SM712 TVS array suitable for use with MAX485 in an RS485 driver circuit?

Quoting from Texas Instruments' How to Choose a TVS Diode for RS-232, RS-485 and CAN Based on Voltage Ratings (sszt891): When making a selection, you want VWM to be larger than the recommended ...
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How does the current of RS485 signals return from the receiver to the sender? The output stage of an RS-485 driver is a H-bridge, where the upper transistor in one leg sources a ...
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RS232 and RS485 sharing same wires

If any baud rate is potentially acceptable (assuming some means of programming it in, or autodetection), then simply putting enough filtering on both ends of the line, will do. Cable type is ...
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RS232 and RS485 sharing same wires

So what is the better solution : twisted or untwisted cable? Twisted cable is better for noise immunity. It's easier to meet the tranmission line requirements of RS485 cable impedance of 100-130Ω. It ...
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