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How to understand schematic circuit diagrams in functional safety

These kind of standards like to make simple things as complicated as possible... even though it is well established that increased complexity leads to more errors. What you need for a "reduntant&...
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How to understand schematic circuit diagrams in functional safety

What do the dashed lines mean? In the case of Figure 2, Q1 they show the mechanical connection between the coil and the contact. This is a bit redundant as both are labelled Q1. In the case of the ...
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How to understand schematic circuit diagrams in functional safety

The dashed lines represent physical interconnects, either microswitch actuator to contact (B1 and B2),or relay coil armature to associated NO and NC contacts (Q1 and Q2). The "separate" ...
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How to charge capacitor bank safely?

Is it safe to charge these using a wall outlet (I am in the US)? It can be made safe to do it this way. You need to take appropriate precautions to protect yourself and anyone in the vicinity. I'm ...
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Safety of making PCBs

I work for a college manufacturing circuits that students have designed. A splash of ferric/developer or acetone is fine as long as you wash it off straight away. Regarding fumes, I wear a respirator,...
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In aircraft power supply, why is the neutral not connected to chassis GND unlike household utility power?

This is typical in aircraft installations and for a few reasons. Firstly, if the supply is truly floating then any single fault that connects either live or neutral to chassis won’t cause a problem. ...
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Which wire is hot?

Which wire is hot doesn't matter. According to the schematics in the service manual, both wires from the power plug go straight into the transformer (via the fuse and switch.) If hot/neutral ...
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