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Discrepancy between SKR Mini E3V2 and documented SD Card Pinout

Please notice that the schematics use a component with pin numbering scheme that has 9 data pins which indicates standard size SD card, but the pins don't have two grounds. Also notice that the ...
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Discrepancy between SKR Mini E3V2 and documented SD Card Pinout

Be careful and always check the BOM - there are SD card slots that shuffle the pins internally or don't have a 1:1 mapping from the schematic numbers to the layout pads.
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Interface micro SD card with MCU and USB port at the same time

That chip indeed seems to be a bit overkill. You don't need two SD interfaces, and you don't need the pass-through at all. There's two options, the way I see it: you don't buy any extra hardware, but ...
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Accessing Data through web saved on microcontroller SD card

While it is for TI microcontrollers and processors, there is Internet of Things - IoT partners which are described as: IoT platform partners offer cloud-based IoT platforms to which IoT devices may ...
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SD/µSD card pins

This socket you've identified is designed for UHS-II or SD Express cards... which, based on your question and the controller you've selected is not something you're planning to support. The following ...
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