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Right now, there are two major (published) efforts developing IC processes for long-term Venus landers: NASA Glenn Research Center KTH Sweden The current state-of-the-art layout rules for the NASA process are published on NASA's website here. The process has 3 µm N-channel JFETs, resistors, and 2 layers of metal. While I don't think the KTH process rules ...


When temperature increases, the energy gap between conduction band and valence band decreases. Effectively, it will be easier for electron-hole pairs (both to break). There are more free electrons and they might combine with the holes. But in parallel, there will be electron-hole pairs breaking and forming free electrons and holes. This is dynamic; pairs ...


The energy required to break electron free out of atom decreases with temperature. Thus at higher temperatures it's harder for an atom to bound to a free electron.


point is: nothing is ever instant. Nothing: So, while the number of free charge carriers of poth polarities increases, and so do the recombinations, the number of available ones at every point in time increases just as well.

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