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Design of very long serial signal systems

Software In software (regardless of the hardware chosen), you basically want debounce code which ignores transients. There are endless algorithms, but perhaps one that is suitable is: sample at high ...
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Please help me identify this IC - top marking "CEK"?

Most probably it is a single 2-input AND gate, SN74LVC1G08DCK in SC70 packaging.
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Opamp dual package IC configuration

Option 2 will have slightly less cross-talk between the two signal channels. For me, that makes it the starting point, especially with a channel gain of almost 70 dB, and there has to be a sound ...
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Suggest appropriate substitute for cable glands

Add a cable sleeve to the cable and thus increase the outer diameter to maybe 4.5 mm or so. Plenty of options to choose from including heat-shrink sleeving. The sleeve only needs to be added where the ...
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Opamp dual package IC configuration

This quite depends on what the sensor signals signify. In particular, whether "signal absent" is an important case to handle. When it is, crosstalk between the processing paths of the two ...
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Connecting Two 24VDC Power Supplies

Having multiple supplies is possible, as long as you ensure common ground and avoid any cross-feed between the Supplies. Different question: Why not use a stronger supply to feed the whole circuit in ...
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Modelling an eddy current sensor

Link to "modelling" ... With the new update ... If you solve the two equations now, you should have the results you are searching. Straightforward. t1 and t2 are what you are searching for, ...
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Opamp dual package IC configuration

I don’t expect serious crosstalk levels, until gross mistakes in routing and bypassing are made. In-chip crosstalk usually is less than 60..80 dB (A haven't found such data for TLV2333, but there's a ...
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Temperature Sensor Auto

I assume, you want to use the LM3914 configured as shown in figure 1 of the datasheet. Then REF_OUT provides 5.0 V and this is the signal input range. This circuit uses the stable 5 V reference ...
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Which component is likely raising the temperature measurement on my BME680 sensor board?

R1, R2 and R7 appear to have some logic voltage across them and they are very low value so they would be my first suspicion. I don't see any reason offhand why they could not be 100kΩ or even 1MΩ. For ...
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Designing Eddy Current Sensor?

Having previously designed Eddy current sensors for UXO, you really didn't give enough information to narrow down what changes you need for a target sensor; however, ESTCP has more than enough ...
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