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LM1117 5 V regulator and 2 servos

Those wee RC servos don't draw anything like 550mA on a continuous basis under normal conditions. If they did, they'd quickly burn up. They can, however, draw more than 550mA when stalled or when ...
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Servo vs stepper packages

Most steppers seem to come in hard metal cases while servos are made with plastic cases, why is that? This is a Servo Motor: This is a Hobby Plastic Servo Actuator: This is an Industrial Linear ...
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Servo vs stepper packages

"Servo" has various meanings. A servo motor will look very like a stepper motor but you might be able to see an encoder attached to the back end. Figure 1. A servo actuator after a savage ...
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Driving a p-channel MOSFET with a n-channel MOSFET

I searched for examples before I posted this. Then directly on this site I asked the question differently and found my answer. p-channel MOSFET switch Was exactly what had searched for before and now ...
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