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Continuous rotation servo with software PWM not working as expected

RC servos like yours don't work with simple PWM such as you are using. They use a 1 to 2 millisecond wide pulse that repeats every 20 milliseconds. From the Wikipedia RC servo page. The diagram is ...
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Powering two 12VDC servos with a 24VDC supply

No. The classic voltage divider that you're probably thinking of, relies on constant resistance/impedance (depending on whether we're talking about DC/AC analysis). If they're not constant, then the ...
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Powering two 12VDC servos with a 24VDC supply

No, and you'll likely damage one or more of the servos if you try. They will not 'share' the voltage evenly and the one that gets more volts will quite likely die in a shorted condition, subjecting ...
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