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Could an op-amp also be used for this, and how? No need to use an op-amp if your signal is audio. Shifting a biased audio signal of 0 - 4 volts to an unbiased voltage requires only a RC high pass filter. It will remove the DC offset: - You decide on the values of R and C so that the lowest frequency you wish to pass is: - $$F_{LOW} = \dfrac{1}{2\pi RC}$$


Does modern fiber in homes (or businesses) send enough physical signal from cross-talk to be usable in some way? Fiber to the home (FTTH) /to the premises (FTTP) is typically a passive optical network (PON) – i.e. you and all your neighbors get every neighbor's downlink through passive splitters (if you remember the ethernet hubs: like that). On the uplink,...


If I'm understanding this correctly, this means that after some fiber station de-muxes the signals, the signal that gets sent to someone's house has some "noise" that is actually cross-talk from someone else's signal. This refers to sense wavelength division multiplexing on undersea cables where huge numbers of channels are multiplexed into a common fiber ...

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