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Capacitor in series with a button

If you want to emulate it, the simplest way is to replace or parallel the existing buttons with relays. Relays simulate the buttons while providing electrical isolation. Your ESP can simply control ...
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'Strange' behaviour due to DC motor

The first thing to do is a reduction of EMI noise on the emitter side. It can help to insert inductors in the range of 4.7-10 ┬ÁH into the two motor wires. Connect the motor capacitor close to the ...
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How to calculate a differential + common mode LPF circuit?

The circuit would be more complicated to analyze if it were not symmetric. But it is symmetric. So that helps simplify a straight-forward analysis, a lot. Here's the schematic with names added. ...
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Why is my encoder showing abnormal spikes on the oscilloscope readings? Any suggestions on what might be causing it?

Various theories/qualified guessing: It kind of looks like noise from mains since it isn't in sync with the PWM signal. You live in North America 60Hz? A crappy power supply could be the culprit. ...
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