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Is off grid solar setup limited by battery charging current?

You are limited by the charge rate of a lead-acid battery: somewhere between 10% and 30% of capacity it typical, but really, 10% is just about the absolute minimum, used when you don't have any ...
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How to run a small water pump using a solar panel?

I'm doing a similar set up with a 50w 12v panel and 5w 12v pump. I have a cheap, >$5, low voltage cut off circuit including a programmable voltage histaris and time delay to prevent the pump from ...
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What size DC circuit breaker to buy for a 12 V, 80 W solar panel?

Shorting a solar panel does it no harm, and the normal operating current in full sun is perhaps 90% of the short circuit current. Wire and circuitry that can handle the normal current should thus be ...
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