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The warnings means that on the switch statement, in case of a condition, the code may go to the next case because the break is missing. Most likely you have something like: switch (whatever) case '\n': if (!cmd_pos) { // do something break; } //<--- no break here case 'X': } This might be on ...


No, it's not possible. The stlink "speaks" SWD, whereas the atmega uses a completely different, incompatible, debug- and programming-interface. By the way, the stlink v2 itself contains a microcontroller multiple times more powerful than an atmega644.


Yes you can use an external programmer. First, remove both of the ST-Link jumpers from your Nucleo board to cut the on-board ST-Link from the main microcontroller. You need these connections for SWD interface: Power: You need to power the Nucleo board somehow. One can use 5V or 3V3 pins to provide external power. I'm not sure if your ST-Link can provide ...

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