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Poles of system seem counter intuitive

It has to be excited at the resonant frequency for the amplitude to blow up. I'm using the following transfer function with a DC gain of 1 and poles as you have specified. $$\frac{32}{(s-8 i) (s+8 i) \...
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Poles of system seem counter intuitive

You have a pair of poles on the Y-axis. That is the abstract representation of an oscillator without damping. If your input is of finite duration, once the input goes to zero the oscillation will be ...
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How to compensate this circuit?

Look at the resistances and capacitances at each node and the op amp model. If what you've found can't explain your Bode plot, keep looking. I would also not make assumptions about the Rout of either ...
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Stability issue: Compensation changes using Bode plot in LTspice

I have designed several circuits with the LT8390, including a variable voltage output converter for peltiers that could source and sink current. An ac analysis can't be run in LT spice for a DC/DC, ...
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Transimpedance amplifier: weird simulation results

I haven't looked at the datasheet, but I wouldn't be surprised if the loop gain changes due a different common-mode input voltage. They will define how hard you drive the differential input stage (the ...
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Fundamentals of electrical circuits. Practice problem 16.13 Network Stability

Let's redraw the schematic: simulate this circuit – Schematic created using CircuitLab Ignore \$C\$ on the left side. Given enough time it's an open circuit. Here KCL says \$\frac{v_i}{R}=\beta\...
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Fundamentals of electrical circuits. Practice problem 16.13 Network Stability

This is only a partial answer, but I post it, so it maybe helps. There is a current source ("Voltage controlled current source") and a voltage output. There is a feedback, as the source is ...
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