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If you use microstepping, then it doesn't work. Steppers will be skipping. It will be better to use a cheaper A4988 for each stepper and multiplex STEP, DIR, EN signals.


The awnser was much simpler then expected.... I felt the steppers move very very slightly when I first turned them on so I set the wait interval to 0.001 instead of 1 to see if that was the problem and the steppers now spin without issue........ #include "mbed.h" DigitalOut xEN(P2_1); //Pin 74 of LPC DigitalOut xSTP(P2_2); //Pin 73 of LPC ...


You would need a special oil the gearbox for that temperature. You can refill it by yourself, but you need the specification of the oil and the exact amount of it. And of course you would need to disassemble the gearbox and dump the lubricant, clean the gears and then reassemble and fill the new lubricant. Also, make sure you use the correct stepper driver. ...


I want to improve the precision of the draw and I don't know if the problem is a sequential software problem I suspect you are currently limited by the absolute resolution of one step (1.8 degree). Parallel programming can't fix this. It will however be required later on when you need to calculate a path in advanced from a defined source to follow at a ...


Polulu sales blurb: Continuous rotation servos are standard hobby RC servos that have been modified to offer open-loop speed control instead of their usual closed-loop position control. The modification effectively turns them into motors with integrated motor drivers in a compact, inexpensive package. Just throw on a wheel and you have a drive system for ...


I suggest using a separate board for the controller. Why? It's only two more wires. Your students will learn the difference between a motor and controller. Easier to debug and repair. Motor can have longer wires without worrying about ground loops etc. Possibility of using a different motor, or some other device.

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