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Identify an IC labeled LB21

It is a LM317LIPK from Texas Instruments (marking "LB", "21" is a datecode). Picture from lcsc:
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Matching SMD footprints to transmission line track width

Given the frequency range of interest and that the track is thicker at my capacitor, should I expect to see reflections or impedance mismatch? At 1-2 GHz, this effect is typically considered ...
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Is there flux that doesn't brown under heat?

It's usually called "crystal" flux, though that might just be me remembering a brand name. Usually no-clean, for obvious reasons.
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How do I identify SMD components? (or how do I identify any component)

Micron provide a Micron FBGA and component marking decoder which looks up their FBGA marking code. E.g. just searched for the RW167 FBGA code for what thought ...
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